College football needs help, and fast

There is a movement happening in all of sports right now besides college football.

The NBA, NHL, and even old school stuck in their ways MLB and NFL have expanded the number of teams to make the playoff. Not only did this jolt fan interest, but it made every game that much more watchable and exciting due to more playoff implications.

This isn’t a new conversation for college football but one that needs to be had again, especially due to the success (and don’t forget extra money) that the other league’s new playoff formats have had and brought in.

The four team playoff system is broken and has been from the beginning. There are about ten teams/fan bases with a realistic shot at making the playoffs when the season starts.

Outside of that, there are another 10-15 teams with an outside chance, but one or two early losses can completely throw them out of the picture unless it’s a top tier school. Because of this, college football lacks the intensity and overall interest of the other major sports, especially as we get later into this season.

An easy fix to this is expanding the playoffs to a minimum 8 teams, but my recommendation would be 16. This leaves enough room for the top teams of each major conference to get in if they earn it, as well as the smaller schools who consistently get left out due to their schedule despite dominant undefeated or one loss seasons.

With the current circumstances due to the pandemic, the other major sports leagues saw an opportunity and jumped at it. College football is behind the eight ball, and the crazy thing is this is a much newer system to revamp than the other leagues.

The NFL is possibly adding another playoff team so it’s not too late college football. Announce that there will be a 16 team playoff and ratings and overall interest will skyrocket. It will be beneficial for all parties involved, the fans, players, and schools.

Until then, college football will keep falling behind the other major sports.

Mr. FC

Cardinals/Seahawks TNF Player Prop Bets

This week we’re not overthinking this. Seattle has a historically bad pass defense, so we’re going with two plays we feel extremely confident in.

Kyler Murray over 280.5 passing yards (-130)

DeAndre Hopkins over 86.5 receiving yards (-130)

I’m sure you’ve heard about how bad Seattle’s pass defense has been this year, but the numbers really are astonishing.

They are ranked last, giving up 353.3 yards per game. More impressively, the next two worst teams, the Falcons and Jaguars, are at 310.3 and 283.9. Murray threw for 360 in Week 7 against Seattle, so high 200’s/low 300’s is where to expect him at minimum tonight.

Hopkins has hit over 86 yards five times this season, narrowly missing it twice early in the season while getting in sync with Murray. He also put up 103 yards against Seattle, so the over is the play for both Murray and Hopkins.


NFL Week 11 Bets – Part 2

DAL +8.5 over MIN

The Cowboys gave the Steelers everything they could handle, so this line was one of them we were most surprised by, expecting the Vikings to be favored by 3-4 points.

The line has already started shifting down to around +7, but we were able to snag it when it first dropped. The Vikings are a solid but inconsistent team and shouldn’t be favored by a touchdown or more.

GB +3 over IND

Another line that has since moved closer to +2 or +1.5 and a game we expected the Packers to be favored in. While both teams have played a fairly soft schedule, take a look at the Colts wins and losses:

Wins: Vikings, Jets, Bears, Bengals, Lions, Titans

Losses: Jaguars, Browns, Ravens

The Packers have at least one good win against New Orleans and they are the better overall team, so take the points or even the moneyline on the Packers.

KC -6.5 over LV

A few weeks back the Raiders played their A game against the Chiefs C+ game and were able to beat their rival. That isn’t happening again.

This and next week’s matchup against Brady and the Bucs are the only two big games left on the Chiefs’ schedule and Mahomes and the offense will be thirsty for revenge. Chiefs DC Spagnuolo and the defense will make the necessary adjustments to avoid a repeat of Week 5. Chiefs by at least a touchdown, likely double digits.


NFL Week 11 Bets – Part 1

Coming off a 4-2 week, we took advantage of the early Week 11 lines. These 3 bets also make up our FCB Week 11 Parlay, but ML instead of spread on ARI and CIN to increase the parlay payout.

ARI +3 over SEA

These two teams of course played an insane game a few weeks back where the Cardinals came out on top in OT after the Seahawks appeared to be in control most of the game.

Based on recent performances, it’s surprising to us that the Seahawks are even still favorites in this game, as it feels more like a pick em’ or even Arizona being favorites.

With the Cards on fire and the Seahawks floundering, take Arizona to cover the three points they’re being given right now (which we wouldn’t be surprised changes over the next couple days).

NE -2 over HOU

The last three weeks the Patriots have lost to a very good Bills team, escaped a scare against the Jets, and seemed to right the ship against a Ravens team with a lot to prove.

More importantly, the Texans haven’t beaten anybody this season besides the Jaguars. They were shutout by the Browns until the 4th quarter this past week and did we mention THEY HAVEN’T BEAT ANYBODY BESIDES THE JAGS??? Pats by at least a field goal.

CIN +1.5 over WAS

Another surprising underdog to us, the Bengals have been a much improved team this season when playing within their talent range (aka not the Ravens or Steelers).

We got killed on taking them last week against the Steelers, but they are the better overall team in this matchup and have a young quarterback still trying to prove himself. The Bengals will win outright, but why not take the point and a half just to be safe.


Vikings/Bears MNF Player Prop Bets

Kirk Cousins over 222.5 passing yards (-135)

The Bears focus (as it should be) will be on Dalvin Cook tonight, so this sets up Cousins to have a big night with the play action. The Vikings will come out firing early and Cousins will hit this total by the middle of the fourth quarter as the Vikings coast to victory.

Justin Jefferson over 55.5 receiving yards (-120)

It’s been boom or bust so far for Jefferson this season, but we expect him to show up in a big way during primetime tonight. He’ll hit the over on this number with ease, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he gets closer to 100 and puts a touchdown or two on the board.

Nick Foles over 37.5 pass attempts (-110)

This bet is based on two main things, the belief that they Bears will be playing from behind most of tonight and that their run offense will continue to be non existent. It might not be pretty, but expect Foles to get near 40 attempts tonight.


NFL Week 10 Bets – Part 2

MIA -2.5 over LAC

This week has the rookie QB class all over it, with this head to head matchup between Tua and Herbert, as well as Burrow over the Steelers below.

All you can expect is improvement each week from Tua based off what we’ve seen so far and the Dolphins are firing on all cylinders as a team as a whole. They’ll be able to handle the Chargers and continue their hot streak.

CIN +7.5 over PIT

The Bengals have been money for us all season (6-2 overall ATS), and Burrow has kept them competitive in every game they’ve played this season outside of the Baltimore blowout.

After the near disaster the Steelers had last week against the Cowboys, we expect them to come out strong but for the Bengals to keep it close. The Steelers have to lose at some point. This may not be the week, but it will at least be a one score game in Pittsburgh.

MIN -2.5 over CHI

There’s no way we’re betting against Dalvin Cook right now or for the overall mess of a team that the Chicago Bears are. It’s incredible that the Vikings are the under .500 team and the Bears are 5-4.

The Vikings are the overall better team and are playing much better football right now, so they’ll win and cover on Monday night.


Colts/Titans TNF Player Prop Bets

Derrick Henry over 80.5 rushing yards

We expect tonight’s matchup to be a low scoring, grind it out type of game in the Titans’ favor, as we talked about in our Week 10 bets.

This number is low due to the Colts having one of the better run defenses in the league and Henry having a few below average games 2 of the last 3 weeks, but he will get 25+ rushes and easily surpass this mark.

Philip Rivers under 267.5 passing yards

On this side of things, this number is inflated due to the Titans questionable secondary, as Rivers has only hit 268 passing yards twice this season.

This game will be low scoring and close enough to prevent garbage time yardage for the over, so this is the next best play of the night after the over on Derrick Henry.


Mascot Wars – AFC South

This has been the division I’ve been most looking forward to after the Raiders took the AFC West and the Jets somewhat surprisingly won the AFC East.

We won’t waste much time on the Texans and Colts as we know neither would stand a chance against a Jaguar or Titan, so let’s get into the most anticipated matchup of the AFC.

I have went back and forth on this one so many times. It’s tough to bet against a Jaguar. They’re fast and fierce. Top 5 animal in my opinion.

However, a Titan? Bad ass giants that took Greek gods and Zeus to overthrow them? I’m now confident that a Titan could handle a Jaguar, so the Titans join the Raiders and Jets in the AFC Final.

Last but not least coming up, the AFC North.

Mr. FC

NFL Week 10 Bets – Part 1

TEN -1.5 over IND

This may be the biggest game of the week as far as division/playoff implications go, as the AFC South is a two team race with the Colts at 5-3 and the Titans at 6-2.

These are both teams we’ve been low on throughout the season, but the Titans will grind out a victory with their usual formula of a heavy dose of Henry and force enough mistakes on defense to win.

The Ravens took care of the business against the Colts for us last week and the Titans will do the same.

JAX +14 over GB

This is a pretty big line for a Jaguars team that has shown a lot of fight the past few weeks and no signs of letting up despite their record, along with an inconsistent Packers team who has played a questionable schedule.

The Packers will still come out on top, but the Jags will keep it within two touchdowns for the cover.

TB -6 over CAR

Last week was the Aaron Rodgers revenge game, this week it’s Tom Brady. The Bucs got absolutely blown out by the Saints, but sometimes you catch a great team on your worst day.

They will get back on track against a Panthers team who was able to give the Chiefs everything they could handle, but is not going to put up the offensive firepower two weeks in a row to cover against the Bucs (who now have Antonio Brown with another week of experience under his belt).


NFL Week 9 Bets – Part 2

LAC -1 over LV

This game has moved to a pick em’, but Chargers are 5-2 ATS despite their 2-5 record. The Raiders won’t have favorable weather conditions like they had last week against the Browns, so the Chargers superior offensive will give them the edge in this game.

Herbert has been a better quarterback in his short stint so far than Carr has ever been in his career in Oakland/Las Vegas, so the Chargers is the play in this AFC West matchup.

CHI +5.5 over TEN

Besides the anomaly against the Bills, the Titans’ wins this year have been: 2 points over the Broncos, 3 points over the Jags, 1 point over the Vikings, and an OT win against the Texans they had no business coming back in.

The Bears are a sneaky moneyline bet, but take them and whatever points you can get against the Titans.

NE -7 over NYJ

We got an incredible backdoor cover from the Pats last week, and we’re done not making money betting against the Jets.

If the Patriots are going to make a statement and get right it has to be this week, and we’ll take any team with a good head coach and serviceable QB to cover single digits against the Jets.

BAL -1.5 over IND

This is the easiest money of the week besides the Packers, which we already cashed in on. Don’t overthink it.

People are down on Baltimore for losing to the Chiefs and Steelers, undeniably two of the two best teams in the league. The Ravens get right this week against an inconsistent (aka Philip Rivers led) Colts team.