Best CBB bet for Monday from Mr. FC – 2/28/22

Baylor -2 (#3) over Texas (#14) Happy last day of February! If you’ve been reading, you know I typically like to focus on the mid majors to find the most value, but with a small slate and nothing jumping out at me, I’m going with the biggest game of the night, the Baylor Bears headingContinue reading “Best CBB bet for Monday from Mr. FC – 2/28/22”

CFB Picks Saturday Week 6 – 10/9/21

Texas/Oklahoma, Texas +3.5 Oklahoma is winning but continuing to have close calls. Red River Showdown is the best place to take this L. The ground game is rather weak, and Rattler doesn’t provide the same ground game as Hurts and Murray did. They also haven’t really had to fight yet. Texas could take a quickContinue reading “CFB Picks Saturday Week 6 – 10/9/21”