Best CBB bet for Wednesday from Mr. FC – 2/9/22

What a game! Arkansas pulled it out in overtime, cashing both plays from yesterday’s post (Arkansas +2 and Arkansas ML +115), not to mention one of the greatest finishes/court storming we’ve ever seen. Back to business today after an incredible 8-1 (+7.59u) Tuesday. Ohio State (#19) -3 over Rutgers (#88) Ohio State 14-5 (7-3) isContinue reading “Best CBB bet for Wednesday from Mr. FC – 2/9/22”

Saturday CFB Picks – 10/27/21

Welcome back for a couple more of my weekly picks. I try to write about different teams every week so even if you aren’t betting you can still get a taste of everyone around the country. Or at the very least, you will get to read what I think about your team. I love OleContinue reading “Saturday CFB Picks – 10/27/21”