Best CBB bet for Wednesday from Mr. FC – 2/9/22

What a game! Arkansas pulled it out in overtime, cashing both plays from yesterday’s post (Arkansas +2 and Arkansas ML +115), not to mention one of the greatest finishes/court storming we’ve ever seen. Back to business today after an incredible 8-1 (+7.59u) Tuesday. Ohio State (#19) -3 over Rutgers (#88) Ohio State 14-5 (7-3) isContinue reading “Best CBB bet for Wednesday from Mr. FC – 2/9/22”

College Football Picks (but good ones this time) from D Buckets

Yes, I went 4-9 -6.35 last week. Yes, I have 6 favorites in 7 bets. Yes, the other is fading Bama. No, Liv Cowherd has not responded to my DM yet and no, I will NOT be taking questions at this time. You want analysis for college picks? Let me get over .500 first. CFBContinue reading “College Football Picks (but good ones this time) from D Buckets”

CFB Play for Thursday Night – 9/2/21

Hey everyone, @sandmanpicks here. I’ve been betting CFB for 3 years now and have developed a betting method that combines numerical analysis and research with knowledge of the game and experience. Outside of CFB, I specialize in NCAAB and NFL, but college football is definitely my specialty. I’ll be giving anywhere from 2-5 plays perContinue reading “CFB Play for Thursday Night – 9/2/21”