Championship game spread bet/analysis – Gonzaga/Baylor

Baylor +4.5 over Gonzaga We know these are both incredible teams and the whole tournament has felt like it’s just been a buildup to this game. Gonzaga is looking to complete a perfect season after the Bruins took them to OT, but their inability to stop UCLA is concerning when they now matchup with theContinue reading “Championship game spread bet/analysis – Gonzaga/Baylor”

Final 4 early spread bet and analysis – UCLA/Gonzaga

UCLA +14 over Gonzaga As a lot of people have, I’ve profited nicely off Gonzaga all year and tournament. Betting against one of the best teams in college basketball history typically isn’t advised, but a couple things stand out to me here. First, UCLA has beaten two of the top teams in the tournament theirContinue reading “Final 4 early spread bet and analysis – UCLA/Gonzaga”