Best Bet for College Basketball Tonight – 1/14/22

I personally took yesterday off but tailed BV’s plays (going 4-4) for half unit each and DB’s Pelicans -3.5 play for a full unit, coming out slightly green (5-4 +0.76u). Here’s the college basketball play I like the best for tonight before NFL kicks off tomorrow. Buffalo (8-6) -7.5 (#107) over Ball State (7-8) (#256)Continue reading “Best Bet for College Basketball Tonight – 1/14/22”

2 Best Bets for College Basketball tonight – 1/12/22

I’ve admittedly been ICE COLD in my posted college basketball plays, but did go 8-1 overall yesterday in an incredible bounce back day (all verified on action app), helped by DB’s soccer play and two of BV’s college basketball plays. I have two plays tonight in two major games, tail or fade at your discretionContinue reading “2 Best Bets for College Basketball tonight – 1/12/22”

Best College Basketball Spread Bet for 1/7/22 – Battle of the Dogs

#180 Boston U -7.5 over #275 Loyola (MD) None of the “big” games stood out to me when looking at the board, so I scrounged a bit and decided on this game with the best value, the 10-5 Boston Terriers (yes for real) hosting the 7-6 Loyola Greyhounds. The first thing that jumped out toContinue reading “Best College Basketball Spread Bet for 1/7/22 – Battle of the Dogs”

Best College Basketball Bet for 1/5/22

After going 39-27 betting the spread in every tournament game last season, I’ve had a slow start to the college basketball season with my focus being mainly on NFL and bowl season. With those winding down, I’m turning my attention back to CBB and will be trying to keep us in the green consistently. FIUContinue reading “Best College Basketball Bet for 1/5/22”

Opening Night NCAAB picks (and conference futures) from @d_buckets – 11/9/21

KANSAS -4.5 v MICH ST Bigger talent mismatch than you might expect. Also lean under 6.5 minutes before Bill Self’s face resembles a cherry tomato. PORTLAND PILOTS +24 @ ASU New coach should have team up for a (relatively) big matchup v ASU. More of a play against ASU than for Portland. Most importantly, they’reContinue reading “Opening Night NCAAB picks (and conference futures) from @d_buckets – 11/9/21”

The biggest mistake when betting college basketball

As (a version) of the old saying goes, “the best predictor of future events is past events.” This is why it is especially important to know the recent trends not only related to the teams themselves in college basketball, but the point spreads as well. Our analytic systems took a dive into the 340 D1Continue reading “The biggest mistake when betting college basketball”