Best Sweet 16 bet from Mr. FC – 3/24/22

It’s been awhile, but glad to be back! I took a little Spring Break vacation with my wife and now I’m ready to crush the rest of the tournament! Arkansas (#18) +9.5 over Gonzaga (#1) Both of these teams have been somewhat underwhelming in their first two games to make it here, with Arkansas beatingContinue reading “Best Sweet 16 bet from Mr. FC – 3/24/22”

CBB Tourney Futures 1 of 2 – 3/9/22

The little guys for lack of a better word, all of the tournaments that start today so you can get in on the action before they get kickstarted! These were written the other day so streaks and odds are subject to change. Atlantic 10-VCU +440 Vince Williams Jr is someone that you will hear aboutContinue reading “CBB Tourney Futures 1 of 2 – 3/9/22”

CBB Conference Tourneys – 3/8/22

*Chris Collinsworth voice* Now here’s a team that can really spoil some brackets this year. The ACC starts a day earlier than the rest of the big dogs so that’s that but a couple teams that have dominated the regular season and hope that that can translate into some March Magic. ACC- Duke (-125) CoachContinue reading “CBB Conference Tourneys – 3/8/22”

Best CBB bet for Monday from Mr. FC – 3/7/22

I had an average weekend, barely staying in the green Friday-Sunday. Let’s move it to 4 days in a row in the green and start a new BB streak! Saint Mary’s (#16) -5 over Santa Clara (#68) The Saint Mary’s Gaels and Santa Clara Broncos square up late tonight with a trip to the WCCContinue reading “Best CBB bet for Monday from Mr. FC – 3/7/22”

CBB Conference Champs – 3/3/22

Starting to heat up, middle of the action. These conferences are starting their tournaments over the 3rd and 4th. Some fun hot streaks in here, along with some names you’ve been hearing over the last couple years. Per usual, my favorites to win and some value picks otherwise to keep an eye out for overContinue reading “CBB Conference Champs – 3/3/22”

Best CBB bet for Thursday from Mr. FC – 3/3/22

Yesterday Fordham came out of the gate slow and trailed by 13 at the half, gave us some hope in the second half and even had a chance to hit a 3 to pull within 3 in the final seconds but missed and ended up losing by 8. Onto today and a new streak! IllinoisContinue reading “Best CBB bet for Thursday from Mr. FC – 3/3/22”

Best CBB bet for Wednesday from Mr. FC – 3/2/22

I’ve got a bit of a streak going now, hitting on Baylor Monday and Dayton last night. Let’s push the winning streak to 3 in a row tonight! Fordham (#176) +4 over UMass (#207) The Fordham Rams 14-14 (7-9) take on the UMass Minuteman 12-16 (5-11) as 4 point underdogs as Atlantic 10 action windsContinue reading “Best CBB bet for Wednesday from Mr. FC – 3/2/22”

Best CBB for Tuesday from Mr. FC – 3/1/22

I ended February right by hitting on the primetime matchup last night and look to keep the momentum going into March! Dayton (#48) +2.5 over Richmond (#91) Tonight I head out to the Atlantic 10 where the 6th place Richmond Spiders 19-10 (10-6) host the 3rd place Dayton Flyers 20-9 (12-4). Both teams have beenContinue reading “Best CBB for Tuesday from Mr. FC – 3/1/22”

BV’s CBB Picks- 3/1/22

I’ll keep today short as we prepare for March and start breaking down every team to the intricate details to make our brackets. If you haven’t checked out my conference tournament picks yet, go ahead, and go do that and prepare yourself for the first round of this great month in college ball. Florida @Continue reading “BV’s CBB Picks- 3/1/22”

CBB Tourney Futures – 3/1/22

It’s March. Need I say more? The most exciting tournament in sports happens this month, but leading up to it, there are 32 automatic bids that need to be handed out and some of those tournaments kicked off yesterday and some start over the next couple days. Starting with the conferences starting their tourneys betweenContinue reading “CBB Tourney Futures – 3/1/22”