Best CBB bet for Monday from Mr. FC – 2/28/22

Baylor -2 (#3) over Texas (#14) Happy last day of February! If you’ve been reading, you know I typically like to focus on the mid majors to find the most value, but with a small slate and nothing jumping out at me, I’m going with the biggest game of the night, the Baylor Bears headingContinue reading “Best CBB bet for Monday from Mr. FC – 2/28/22”

Championship game spread bet/analysis – Gonzaga/Baylor

Baylor +4.5 over Gonzaga We know these are both incredible teams and the whole tournament has felt like it’s just been a buildup to this game. Gonzaga is looking to complete a perfect season after the Bruins took them to OT, but their inability to stop UCLA is concerning when they now matchup with theContinue reading “Championship game spread bet/analysis – Gonzaga/Baylor”

Final 4 spread bet and analysis – Houston/Baylor

Baylor -5 over Houston There has been a lot of talk about Houston’s defense and slow pace of play and how it could be a way to knock Baylor off their game. That’s all fine and dandy, besides the fact the Cougars haven’t come close to facing an offense of this caliber all season, andContinue reading “Final 4 spread bet and analysis – Houston/Baylor”