The 2022 Royals – The good, the bad, the ugly

The good… let’s start on a positive note! -Brady Singer’s return from Omaha Singer looked like an ace last night, striking out 9 over 7 shutout innings while only giving up 4 hits and zero walks. He appears to have 3 big league pitches now with the success he was throwing his changeup last night,Continue reading “The 2022 Royals – The good, the bad, the ugly”

Kendall Roy is BoJack Horseman (spoilers)

As anyone can see from my AVI on Twitter (do people still call it that…?), I am unapologetically a BoJack Horseman fanboy. A couple months ago while looking for a new show on HBO, I binged the first two seasons of Succession before the Season 3 premiere. I personally connected with Kendall the most, butContinue reading “Kendall Roy is BoJack Horseman (spoilers)”

What makes the Roy family so watchable and intriguing? Why you should watch Succession

As a lot of the country is (besides my wife after multiple attempts), I’ve been tuning in every week and can’t get enough of the Roy family and Succession, the biggest phenomenon and appointment viewing television HBO has had since GOT fizzled out. The beauty of this show in my opinion is the complexity ofContinue reading “What makes the Roy family so watchable and intriguing? Why you should watch Succession”

Early Season 3 Succession Reaction

We’re two episodes in and holy shit it has not disappointed. Family loyalty and rivalries are at an all time high, every scene feels like it could turn the whole show on its head, and “everyone has their own game” (while except maybe Greg, he just needs to figure out his lawyer situation). For theContinue reading “Early Season 3 Succession Reaction”

Is it time for KC fans to give up on GMDM or was Matheny the wrong hire?

Full disclosure, I’ve grown up my whole life as a Royals fan. I was born in 1994, and have been to just about every opening day since 1999. The first above .500 season I saw was in 2003 when I was 9 years old and used to leave hand written AL Central standings outside myContinue reading “Is it time for KC fans to give up on GMDM or was Matheny the wrong hire?”

The transformation of TV’s greatest character: Diane Nguyen

To say I was ready when BoJack Horseman premiered on Netflix during the summer of 2014 is a massive understatement. Mix my love of animated comedies with hearing the name Aaron Paul, I fired up season one. I was ready for a wild ride with Todd and BoJack, but I had no idea where theContinue reading “The transformation of TV’s greatest character: Diane Nguyen”

The biggest mistake when betting college basketball

As (a version) of the old saying goes, “the best predictor of future events is past events.” This is why it is especially important to know the recent trends not only related to the teams themselves in college basketball, but the point spreads as well. Our analytic systems took a dive into the 340 D1Continue reading “The biggest mistake when betting college basketball”

The craziest betting trends since Army/Navy Under – NFL Wild Card Weekend

The old saying goes that the best predictor of the future is the past. While this isn’t always true in sports betting, it is extremely beneficial to identify trends from past years and see how that information will impact your plays for this upcoming weekend. 2019 season Starting off with last year’s wild card round,Continue reading “The craziest betting trends since Army/Navy Under – NFL Wild Card Weekend”

College football needs help, and fast

There is a movement happening in all of sports right now besides college football. The NBA, NHL, and even old school stuck in their ways MLB and NFL have expanded the number of teams to make the playoff. Not only did this jolt fan interest, but it made every game that much more watchable andContinue reading “College football needs help, and fast”

Mascot Wars – AFC South

This has been the division I’ve been most looking forward to after the Raiders took the AFC West and the Jets somewhat surprisingly won the AFC East. We won’t waste much time on the Texans and Colts as we know neither would stand a chance against a Jaguar or Titan, so let’s get into theContinue reading “Mascot Wars – AFC South”