Tuesday Tip from Ninja – 11/16/21

OREGON (-3.5) Started off the season 0-1 with the Hoosiers not covering last week. I believe the lock this week will be Oregon against Brigham Young tonight on ESPN. The Oregon Ducks offense has on recorded a turnover on only 13 percent of its possessions – (24th best nationally). BYU defense has forced a turnoverContinue reading “Tuesday Tip from Ninja – 11/16/21”

Tuesday Tip from Ninja – NCAAB bet 11/9/21

Indiana Hoosiers -24.5 vs. Eastern Michigan  Happy opening night of Men’s College Basketball. I’m sure everyone is ready to see what it’s like to have college gyms packed again after TWO years of absence – I know I am. To start off, Michael Durr is 7’ tall and has started 80 games in Division 1 basketball – aContinue reading “Tuesday Tip from Ninja – NCAAB bet 11/9/21”