Super Bowl Props from @d_buckets

Mixon o25.5 rec yds (-120) Hit in every playoff game. With a dominant Rams d-line facing a bad o-line, Mixon should be targeted early and often. Higgins o68.5 rec yds (-120) Has been the clear #2 option behind Chase in the postseason, and I have to think LA will put a lot of effort intoContinue reading “Super Bowl Props from @d_buckets”

2•7•22 CBB from @d_buckets

UNCW +6.5 (-115) UNCW o145 JMU +4 (-108) GM +8 NDSU -6 NDSU o137.5 (-105) 1.5u Looking at conference play, both of these teams have an offense that indicates a high scoring affair. NDSU averages 77.4 ppg, while South Dakota is right behind them at 75.6. NDSU allows 72.5 ppg in conference play, with SouthContinue reading “2•7•22 CBB from @d_buckets”

Weekend Footy Card from @d_buckets

Rather than diving into each match this weekend, I’ll share some of my thinking in general. Whenever there’s an international break, I tend to be cautious because it’s hard to know just how crisp teams will be after some time off. Of course Covid has made almost every week feel like that, and for theseContinue reading “Weekend Footy Card from @d_buckets”

CBB from @d_buckets – 2/1/22

This is the time of year when a teams ranking in the top 25 can lead to value, which can be hard to come by when at least one team involved is ranked. Team(s) ranked = bigger game, bigger game = more people watch, more people watch = more people bet, more people bet =Continue reading “CBB from @d_buckets – 2/1/22”

Opening Night NCAAB picks (and conference futures) from @d_buckets – 11/9/21

KANSAS -4.5 v MICH ST Bigger talent mismatch than you might expect. Also lean under 6.5 minutes before Bill Self’s face resembles a cherry tomato. PORTLAND PILOTS +24 @ ASU New coach should have team up for a (relatively) big matchup v ASU. More of a play against ASU than for Portland. Most importantly, they’reContinue reading “Opening Night NCAAB picks (and conference futures) from @d_buckets – 11/9/21”

Friday Footy from @d_buckets

While Aston Villa are near the bottom of the table in xG, they play quite an attractive style and have the attacking talent to not just create chances but score them. Life without English Coutinho I mean Grealish has been difficult for the Villains, but I can’t help but think they’ll get this thing turnedContinue reading “Friday Footy from @d_buckets”

NBA Props from @d_buckets – 11/4/21

Saddiq Bey o22.5 PRA (-108) Coming off 2 bad games, expecting a bounce back performance for a team that doesn’t have any reliable scoring options outside Jerami Grant. Think about that sentence for a second. Or don’t this game is gross. Sixers on night 2 of a b2b, off a big win v Chicago. GoodContinue reading “NBA Props from @d_buckets – 11/4/21”

Playoff Baseball (& picks)

It didn’t make any sense to anyone. Why in the world was he still in the game? He ended with 123 pitches, but it was clear for all to see.. His invincibility had worn off, he was tired, and the Yankees were ready to strike. So when all of Red Sox nation, and maybe everyoneContinue reading “Playoff Baseball (& picks)”

“Parasite” wasn’t that good and NFL picks from @d_buckets

Want me to yap or want the picks? Good, me too. CLE -2 (-111) CAR o52 -105 KC -6 CAR TT o23.5 -110 .5u SF o52 -110 .5u DEN pk LAR o53.5 .5u LAC -3 (-121) LAC o52.5 (-108) .5u TB -6 (-113) NFL YTD: 25-14 15.93 KC and TB taken early, but they’re justContinue reading ““Parasite” wasn’t that good and NFL picks from @d_buckets”

Ryder Cup picks from D Buckets

RYDER CUP Before we get to the picks, some of you may not know where my allegiances lie. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the Ryder Cup, I really don’t have any TEAM (ducks). Of my favorite golfers, 4 are playing in the Ryder Cup. 1 for USA (Berger/DBstraightvibin), and 3 forContinue reading “Ryder Cup picks from D Buckets”