NFL Futures Part 1 from D Buckets

FIRST PICK: BAKER MAYFIELD MVP +3500 Haha just kidding. Imagine though? Yea, I can’t either. Ok here we go. SF to win Super Bowl 16:1 Obsessed with Shanahan and his play calling*. If Lance gets the job by, I don’t know, week 10? Sky’s the limit. Now I may be wrong and Lance could beContinue reading “NFL Futures Part 1 from D Buckets”

Why I’m Joining The Athletic (Just Kidding, Footy Picks)

d_buckets here, back like I left something. (insert the emoji that’s blowing smoke out his nose that the athletes always use when talking about #grindmode or #savageszn or whatever the fuck) Alright enough time wasting, here are 5 of my picks for the weekend. #grindmode #bagszn #ihatewhenwhitepeoplesaynocap CRYSTAL PALACE under 2.5 (-120) Palace have lookedContinue reading “Why I’m Joining The Athletic (Just Kidding, Footy Picks)”


What’s up gang, Dylan Moore/@d_buckets here to give you even more content than you deserve honestly. But I’m not a hero. That’s not up to me. I’ll be posting some articles, previews, and soon even some videos (safe for work). So if you like this or want more; tell a friend, let me know, orContinue reading “COLLEGE FOOTBALL FUTURES”