Wait, this isn’t MACtion? – 12/21/21

Wyoming/Kent State, Kent State +3 The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. I think while Wyoming might be the better team, the better team doesn’t always win. Wyoming was wildly inconsistent down the stretch and is missing one of their top receivers in this one, their defense is the one to watch but I don’t think thatContinue reading “Wait, this isn’t MACtion? – 12/21/21”

Monday Afternoon Myrtle Beach Bowl Pick – 12/20/21

Tulsa/ODU, Old Dominion +9 The Myrtle Beach Bowl features two 6-6’ers who won out to secure their bowl spot. Old Dominion was 1-6 when they started theirs. This team has really figured it out to get to this point, facing some tough teams early and adapting into this team that we now see ready forContinue reading “Monday Afternoon Myrtle Beach Bowl Pick – 12/20/21”

CFB Bowl Saturday – 12/18/21

*Breathes In… Breathes out* I will be attempting to pick every bowl game in miraculous fashion, I do not expect to miss a single pick and we will go undefeated this bowl season. Okay, I wish I was perfect, all jokes aside though, I think it’ll be fun to tackle all these and if youContinue reading “CFB Bowl Saturday – 12/18/21”

DAL/NO TNF Player Props – 12/2/21

I have no idea what the Saints are bringing to the table tonight with Taysom Hill at quarterback. With that being said, I don’t think the Cowboys do either. Sean Payton has always been tricky and been known to throw out more surprises than the average coach. Thursday Night Football has been a bust allContinue reading “DAL/NO TNF Player Props – 12/2/21”

Brewer’s Super Thursday Thanksgiving Deluxe Holiday Special

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Here at FCB we are beyond grateful for everyone that rides with us along the way, whether we are winning all of the money or losing it. Every Thursday I give my props. That doesn’t change no matter where I’m at what I’m doing or who’s celebrating what. THREE GAMES TODAY.Continue reading “Brewer’s Super Thursday Thanksgiving Deluxe Holiday Special”

CFB Saturday Picks – 11/20/21

A new day and once again there is more money to make, an average week last week and my college basketball isn’t consistent yet with the season just starting but the only thing that’s changing here is the teams we spotlight. The only concerning thing looking out for is how the average teams are playingContinue reading “CFB Saturday Picks – 11/20/21”

ATL/NE TNF Props – 11/18/21

An interesting game, a raging Patriots team, one of the longer win streaks in the league right now against a hot or not Falcons team. I am beyond confused on the Falcons team other than the fact that them having 4 wins is all because of Matt Ryan. Their defense is bad, their receivers areContinue reading “ATL/NE TNF Props – 11/18/21”

CFB Saturday Picks – 11/13/21

The Halloween slate ruined my wallet so bad I was sick the following weekend. Sorry I had nothing for you all last week, I’m sure you were fine on your own but it’s nice to think you needed me. Good week this week, big on ACC and B1G and the teams that still are fightingContinue reading “CFB Saturday Picks – 11/13/21”

TNF BAL/MIA Props – 11/11/21

Happy Veteran’s Day to start this one. If you are looking at this game from a Miami Dolphins fan perspective, I don’t think you’re going to like my picks tonight and I’m sorry. Last week we went 3 for 4, probably would’ve swept the floor if Mike White didn’t take an unfortunate injury. The RavensContinue reading “TNF BAL/MIA Props – 11/11/21”