CBB Tourney Futures 1 of 2 – 3/9/22

The little guys for lack of a better word, all of the tournaments that start today so you can get in on the action before they get kickstarted! These were written the other day so streaks and odds are subject to change. Atlantic 10-VCU +440 Vince Williams Jr is someone that you will hear aboutContinue reading “CBB Tourney Futures 1 of 2 – 3/9/22”

CBB Conference Tourneys – 3/8/22

*Chris Collinsworth voice* Now here’s a team that can really spoil some brackets this year. The ACC starts a day earlier than the rest of the big dogs so that’s that but a couple teams that have dominated the regular season and hope that that can translate into some March Magic. ACC- Duke (-125) CoachContinue reading “CBB Conference Tourneys – 3/8/22”

CBB Conference Champs – 3/3/22

Starting to heat up, middle of the action. These conferences are starting their tournaments over the 3rd and 4th. Some fun hot streaks in here, along with some names you’ve been hearing over the last couple years. Per usual, my favorites to win and some value picks otherwise to keep an eye out for overContinue reading “CBB Conference Champs – 3/3/22”

BV’s CBB Picks- 3/1/22

I’ll keep today short as we prepare for March and start breaking down every team to the intricate details to make our brackets. If you haven’t checked out my conference tournament picks yet, go ahead, and go do that and prepare yourself for the first round of this great month in college ball. Florida @Continue reading “BV’s CBB Picks- 3/1/22”

CBB Tourney Futures – 3/1/22

It’s March. Need I say more? The most exciting tournament in sports happens this month, but leading up to it, there are 32 automatic bids that need to be handed out and some of those tournaments kicked off yesterday and some start over the next couple days. Starting with the conferences starting their tourneys betweenContinue reading “CBB Tourney Futures – 3/1/22”

BV’s CBB Picks – 2/23/22

Okay okay, had a great day yesterday, I was due. Now we’re gonna see if we’re hot! Got a ton of good picks, I’m either confident or there’s some trappy lines. But whatever it is, let’s go and make some money on a Wednesday. Wyoming/Colorado State, Wyoming +6.5 A name you may not have heardContinue reading “BV’s CBB Picks – 2/23/22”

BV’s CBB Picks – 2/22/22

It’s 2/22/22 so if you make your picks at 2:22, they have to hit. You’re either hot or you’re due and I am indeed due for a good day. We have some good matchups tonight as conference play enters its final stretch. Let’s keep our heads on straight, lock in, and win some coin! Arkansas/Florida,Continue reading “BV’s CBB Picks – 2/22/22”

BV’s CBB Picks – 2/17/22

Oral Roberts/North Dakota State, Oral Roberts ML -105 You might remember Oral Roberts from last year’s March Madness. Well, they’re on a tough track to win their conference and make it back to the tournament this year. Star player Max Abmas averages 22.8 PPG (5th in the country) and leads his team in assists. ThisContinue reading “BV’s CBB Picks – 2/17/22”

BV’s CBB Picks – 2/15/22

What a Super Bowl weekend, great fight from the Cincinnati Bengals. Cooper Kupp MVP is something I didn’t see coming but if you’ve been following DB for some time you’d have been continually winning money in the NFL. So until next year, we sit and watch college basketball and enjoy until March stands us allContinue reading “BV’s CBB Picks – 2/15/22”