BV’s CBB Picks – 2/22/22

It’s 2/22/22 so if you make your picks at 2:22, they have to hit. You’re either hot or you’re due and I am indeed due for a good day. We have some good matchups tonight as conference play enters its final stretch. Let’s keep our heads on straight, lock in, and win some coin!

Arkansas/Florida, Arkansas ML -110

This one comes down to two things. How much you value Florida’s win over Auburn and if you believe this is a trap game for Arkansas. I think they play hand in hand in my head. Auburn has lost to three teams this year; these are two of them. Arkansas has won 11 of their last 12 games, and that loss was a one point defeat at Alabama. Florida was struggling leading up to Auburn with 2 losses and some close wins to below average SEC squads. Arkansas as a deep, experienced, defensively oriented team, I think it will be hard for them to ignore what the Gators did last game and will focus on Saturday’s Kentucky game tomorrow after a big win tonight to humble this Florida team. You might even be able to wait a couple hours and get the Razorbacks as +1 if you want to watch the lines as well.

All the picks in one place:
Arkansas ML
Charleston -1
Iowa -6
Miami -4
Akron -7.5
Boise State -2

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