Best CBB bet for Tuesday – 1/25/22

After a slow start to the game we hit with ease on our play yesterday, so let’s throw up another one today!

Auburn -13 (#5) over Mizzou (#135)

As a Mizzou alum, I find myself betting against my alma mater much more frequently than on them for good reason. Throw out the outlier win against Alabama, and Mizzou has lost by 14 against UMKC (#256), 23 to Florida State (#55), 6 to Wichita State (#88), 21 to Liberty (#99), 37 to Kansas, 25 to Illinois, and 27 to Kentucky. Besides Kansas and maybe Illinois/Kentucky, none of those teams have near the talent that Auburn does, so there’s no reason to think Auburn won’t make easy pickings of Mizzou.

Auburn is also protecting their #1 AP ranking after getting denied it last week thanks to KenPom nerds like myself, so I think they still have a little extra fire in them to prove everyone wrong and that they are one of the top teams, if not the very best. Also so far this season, when one team is ranked higher than 100 spots than their opponent via KenPom, the favorite has won by double digits over 75% of the time. With all these factors, I’m rolling with the AUBURN Tigers to cover tonight at Mizzou Arena.

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Mr. FC

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