NFL Saturday Props from BV

Another Weekend of Playoff Football is upon us. The Bengals and Titans Clash to take an opportunity at the AFC Championship. Meanwhile, the Packers look to prove their dominance over San Fran in Lambeau. Here’s some props I think that are worth your time.

ATD: Tee Higgins +150

I think one of the most slept on picks for this weekend is Tee Higgins for the Cincinnati Bengals. This guy is an elite receiver who can make anybody miss while also being 6’4 215. He will have to be an end zone threat if they want a chance to win today. While all of the spotlight is on Jamarr Chase, expect Tee to make the plays that score points.

Aaron Jones +114
Derrick Henry -230
George Kittle +170

O/U’s: Jimmy Garoppolo U229.5

This game is going to be cold. When I say cold I mean really cold. Like really… Ok you probably get it but they’re going to hand the ball off a lot in conditions like these in order to limit Jimmy’s turnovers surely. He’s had multiple games this season under the 230 mark and is yet to throw over this mark in a playoff game in his career. I wish em the best but they’re going to need to run to try and win this game.

Jamarr Chase O78.5
Julio Jones U46.5
Brandon Aiyuk O50.5


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