Best Bet for Divisional Round CIN/TEN – 1/22/22

Bengals +3.5 over Titans

I love Joe Burrow and the Bengals to win outright, so I especially love getting the 3.5 here. I’m very much in the “what have you done for me lately” mindset when it comes to NFL, and there’s no denying the Bengals appeared to be the much better team to close out the season when at full strength and have even more momentum coming off their first playoff win in decades.

The Titans were barely able to hold off the HOUSTON TEXANS to clinch the #1 seed, and I feel like way too much stock is being put into Derrick Henry’s return when the Titans have been pretty mum when it comes to how healthy he actually is, although he’ll undoubtedly be active no matter what. I expect the Bengals to load the box, force Ryan Tannehill to make plays, and turn it into a QB battle. With that being the case, I’ll put my money on Burrow without hesitation, Cincy to cover at worst, and should win outright.

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Mr. FC

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