NFL Super WildCard Sunday Props from BV – 1/16/22

Sunday Football happens once again, the second day of three for Super WildCard Weekend. More player props for everyone to eat up and add to your moneyline bets.


Big Ben O1.5 TDs +158

Half Touchdown bet, half Over Under so I’ll explain myself. Big Bens farewell party more than likely. He said it himself “We got no chance, let’s go out and have fun”. He is going to throw everything he’s got into this game and he might throw 50 passes. With so many weapons and maybe JuJu coming back, not even necessarily that he’ll be the reason people score but one of the weapons will make a play and get in the end zone. Twice.

DeVonta Smith O43.5
Jalen Hurts O49.5 Rushing
Dalton Schultz O39.5
Deebo Samuel O28.5
Tyreek Hill U70.5

Anytime TD Scorer

Evans and Gronk TD +424

If you don’t want to Parlay it don’t but I am pointing out that they will probably both be scoring, there is never a lack of scoring from the Bucs. Regardless of winning or losing, the run game is usually underutilized and they’ll throw and throw again. Gronk has not scored in awhile but is definitely the prime target for playoff Tom, and Mike has 4 in his last 4 and the most receiving TDs on the team.

Mike Evans +105
Rob Gronkowski +125
Elijah Mitchell -115
Amari Cooper +140
Najee Harris +110
Travis Kelce -145

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