2 Best Bets for College Basketball tonight – 1/12/22

I’ve admittedly been ICE COLD in my posted college basketball plays, but did go 8-1 overall yesterday in an incredible bounce back day (all verified on action app), helped by DB’s soccer play and two of BV’s college basketball plays. I have two plays tonight in two major games, tail or fade at your discretion after reading.

Xavier -1.5 over Villanova

I think these are two extremely evenly matched teams. However, Xavier is undefeated at home this season (9-0) while Villanova is .500 on the road (3-3), with 3 of their 4 losses coming in that fashion. Xavier has lost to Iowa State (#15 at the time) and Villanova on the road, but I expect a turnaround for the Musketeers at home and to come out on top against an overrated Nova team that that has been skating by for a lot of the season against inferior competition and is playing one of their biggest games of the season on the road against another Big East top dog.

LSU (#10) +3 over Florida (#36)

Good ole SEC basketball. Sorry to oversimplify this one, but sometimes that’s the best way to do it. LSU has answered the bell at every challenge this year, besides their loss to #4 Auburn (14-1 overall). On the other hand, Florida has stumbled so far this season, dropping games to Alabama, Auburn, Maryland, TEXAS SOUTHERN (#191), and Oklahoma. IMO, LSU should be 3-4 point favorites in this matchup so take the points and ML if you’re into that sort of thing.

Rankings via KenPom.

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Mr. FC

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