What makes the Roy family so watchable and intriguing? Why you should watch Succession

As a lot of the country is (besides my wife after multiple attempts), I’ve been tuning in every week and can’t get enough of the Roy family and Succession, the biggest phenomenon and appointment viewing television HBO has had since GOT fizzled out.

The beauty of this show in my opinion is the complexity of every character, specifically every member of the Roy family. Outside of Greg the Egg, there’s no one person to really root for (who is even going a little rogue suing GREENPEACE for his inheritance), but also no character to really root against, outside of maybe Logan. However, even his misdoings could be chalked up to old age and just doing business.

It isn’t a world full of obvious protagonists and antagonists, as my feelings on who I’m “rooting” for can change in a second based off one character’s decision or statement. Is Kendall morally superior than the rest of his family or just playing the angle? Maybe a little bit of both? Shiv is constantly overlooked but has proven herself to be smart and capable, although unlikeable in her relationship with Tom. Roman is hilarious and you never really know what he’s going to come up with, but he’s the one still stuck under Logan’s thumb the most it seems.

Basically what I’m saying is they’re all as human as characters can possibly be in a television show, making them extremely relatable whether your Kendall the black sheep, overlooked Shiv, or “dumb and incompetent” Roman. In a billionaire universe that is nothing like ours, the people and problems and human emotions and interactions are all still the same and a joy to watch play out every Sunday night.

Mr. FC

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