Brewer’s Super Thursday Thanksgiving Deluxe Holiday Special

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Here at FCB we are beyond grateful for everyone that rides with us along the way, whether we are winning all of the money or losing it. Every Thursday I give my props. That doesn’t change no matter where I’m at what I’m doing or who’s celebrating what. THREE GAMES TODAY.  PICKED THE PROPS. LET’S GO. With that said, eat some sweet potatoes and turkey and hopefully a pumpkin pie or two and watch some football with winning on your mind! Let’s win some coin

Guide to Thanksgiving Day


Lions +3.5

Fire Nagy. On Thanksgiving Day after two close losses to two much tougher opponents, the Lions have been set up to win their first game of the season on Turkey Day. What a story it would be for Dan Campbell. Although this team is pretty terrible talent wise. The Bears are not  a huge step up considering their playbook is written in another language. Lions ML also at +122 if you want to ride the straight bet

Darnell Mooney TD +130

Has the most receiving touchdowns for the bears this year. He is going to have to get involved if the Bears want any chance at keeping their head coach today. Mooney has two TD’s in his last 2, why not keep the streak against one of the worst defenses in the league

TJ Hockenson O43.5

He’s gotten over this mark 6 of 10 games, also Jared Goff’s seemingly favorite target. With Campbell calling plays it has been very run centric lately in this offense but I think Swift will tear up the Bears and open up the play action.

D’Andre Swift TD +105

The points have to come from somewhere. I haven’t gotten to say that in a while. If the Lions score at all today, I would be surprised if I either A) knew the person’s name or B) it is not D’Andre Swift. He has been the center of the offense in a run heavy scheme. Take plus money all day.


Cowboys -7.5

I don’t know if I like this line, but I picked the other two so why not. The Raiders haven’t looked good since the Ruggs thing happened honestly. Losses to the Giants, Chiefs, and Bengals who are all right in their wheelhouse to beat (with the exception of the Chiefs with hindsight). The Cowboys have had a great season are in a good position to get good seeding. With their star receivers out today I think they put the gas on and make sure they put this one in the books as a W with a long week ahead before their next one.

Hunter Renfrow TD +210

Most receiving touchdowns on the team I believe and 2 in his last 3 games. He also just eats receptions with at least 6 in his last 8 games and 7 in 3 of them. He is always open and I see him finding the end zone, with also a very high chance Desean Jackson gets in the end zone at +550.

Dallas D/ST +430

The Defense takes risks and Derek Carr does too. There’s always one defensive touchdown on Thanksgiving, I wish I had a confirmed stat for that, but I do not. But it sure seems like it and if there’s going to be one why not in this game. Cowboys have the most interceptions in the league and I can see Diggs housing one at the +430.

Michael Gallup O55.5

With CeeDee listed as a maybe right now, Gallup is the #1 receiver walking into thanksgiving against a defense that hasn’t been able to get their head on straight lately. Michael Gallup should be one of the bright spots in the passing game with CeeDee playing or not but if he’s not in this number should be an easy one.


Buffalo -5.5

Bills by a milli with Kamara out. The Saints will struggle to score points and the Bills will bounce back after a brutal loss on the road to the Colts. Past couple weeks they’ve laid an egg and then been way better when they recoup and look at the tape.

Dawson Knox TD +270

Dawson Knox is such a dope dude that I expect to see eating a Turkey Leg on TV after the game today. This guy eats touchdowns for dinner however and is very due for one. The Saints are very questionable against tight ends and Knox is still seeing the targets with 10 in their last game.

Mark Ingram TD +145

Alvin Kamara Out. Mark Ingram In the End Zone. I think that’s simple enough. Mark Ingram has been much better back in his old system and there is no doubt he should be getting touches near the goal line. Even if the Saints are only in the red zone a couple times.

Josh Allen O30.5 Rushing

He has reached this 30.5 in 6 of the 10 games. He usually gets out of the pocket a couple times a game and gets a couple yards. He has been most of their run game with Singletary and Moss being more receiving backs anyways. The Saints have been a giant question mark and it depends on what team walks on the field today, but Josh Allen scrambling should be a guarantee it just depends on how many times the Saints can get into that backfield.

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