ATL/NE TNF Props – 11/18/21

An interesting game, a raging Patriots team, one of the longer win streaks in the league right now against a hot or not Falcons team. I am beyond confused on the Falcons team other than the fact that them having 4 wins is all because of Matt Ryan. Their defense is bad, their receivers are running thin because they had to put one at running back because of their lack of talent there too. With a win, this confusing team would be .500. Cheers to Matty Ice and on the other hand ‘Mama, there goes that man’ Mac Jones.

Rhamondre Stevenson TD +130

Rhamondre is such a cool name, and he has been playing great in the absence of the New England backs. Brandon Bolden is questionable and leaning towards not playing and Damien Harris is still working on his recovery and will probably be in a 50/50 role because although he has not done anything to lose his job, Stevenson has been great and is winning this job by the game. He went 10 for 62 when he filled in and then 20 for 100 in his full game with 2 TDs a couple catches to add on. Big touchdown for Stevenson tonight.

Mac Jones U252.5 Pass Yards -110

5 of Mac’s last 6 not only have they won but he has gone under this 252.5 mark. In their winning streak the defense has been excellent, and their run game has been great. With dual backs or three backs playing well there isn’t much need for Mac to throw more than 20-30 times a game. The one game he went over this 252, he only had 300 and scored 54 points against the Jets so I don’t see anything wild happening tonight.

Hunter Henry TD +195

A true red zone threat, even though he may only catch 2 or 3 balls a game, you can count on one to be in the end zone. 7 Touchdowns in the last 7 games. You guys know how well Tight End bets go on Thursday Nights. No reason to not bet on this one, especially after he had two touchdowns in last weeks game and the Falcons defense is questionable.

Matt Ryan O3.5 Rush Yards +104

My weekly fun bet, Matt Ryan to rush for 4 or more yards. He can do it, it has happened before. Three times exactly. And he’s gone for 3 yards two more times. I believe. He just needs one decent run where he gets chased put of the pocket. The three teams he has gone for more than 4 yards the defenses were average and the Patriots are a tad above average but in the end you never know. Plus money on 4 yards is a hit.

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