MACtion! Tuesday Night Football Bet – 11/16/21

After sweeping my props last night but missing on the Rams, I’m back at it tonight with some MACtion. I took off last Tuesday but hit on Wednesday on Toledo, and they are becoming one of my favorite teams in the country so I’m going to keep riding the wave. 2-1 YTD in MACtion.

Toledo -7 over Ohio

I love a team that can run the ball and control the game and that’s exactly what Toledo (#72) did last week against an inferior Bowling Green (#154) team, winning 49-17, and what I expect them to do again this week against Ohio (#120). Just like Bowling Green, Ohio struggles to stop the run, giving up nearly 200 yards per game (197.1 193rd in the country). Toledo is averaging nearly 180 yards per game on the ground and I expect that success to continue tonight.

Once again, Toledo has the much better defense, giving up 347 yards per game (77th in the country) and 21.5 points per game while Ohio is giving up 455 yards per game and nearly 31 points per game. I still believe that Toledo is the best team in the MAC and expect a double digit win tonight, so I’m going to keep riding the Rockets until it bites me.

All bets are -110 and 1.1u to win 1u unless stated otherwise.

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Mr. FC

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