Early Season 3 Succession Reaction

We’re two episodes in and holy shit it has not disappointed. Family loyalty and rivalries are at an all time high, every scene feels like it could turn the whole show on its head, and “everyone has their own game” (while except maybe Greg, he just needs to figure out his lawyer situation).

For the first time, we’re truly getting to see Logan vulnerable and know that he might really be screwed, which is a beautiful revelation for us as the viewer to see. Shiv plays her cards closest to her chest it seems, but one thing is clear: Tom is sick of her shit and rightfully so, as he has to find from Greg that she’s meeting with Kendall. She pretends to be there on Logan’s behalf, but I see her teaming up with Kendall eventually despite her rebuttals, seeing her best opportunity to take over after being lied to by Logan.

Roman has evolved thanks to Gerri and their alliance, and you can’t help but assume they will come out as another player in this fight for power. Connor pops in to side with Kendall on them knowing what was going on on the cruises and Logan’s friends were creeps, but Shiv and Roman (also perhaps being younger) brush it off.

When Kendall is ultimately turned down by all of his siblings, which all don’t seem too convincing, he insults all three and sends them on their way. We end with good ole Uncle Ewan setting Greg up with a lawyer that seems more determined in taking down Waystar than protecting Greg’s interests.

In his pitch, Kendall ultimately acts like he is trying to do the right thing and right the wrongs of their father’s company, but we’ll see soon enough if that really is the case or a cover for another power grab. Either way, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us the rest of season 3 as Kendall tries to take down his father and we watch the siblings make their moves. Oh yeah, and hopefully Greg stays out of jail.

Mr. FC

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