TNF DEN/CLE Props – 10/21/21

Quite a weird game. Will it go up? Will it go down? Who’s playing? Who isn’t? I did well last week but this game shouldn’t count towards anything. Are the Broncos real? Von Miller said he was killing whoever was playing QB. Case Keenum happens to be throwing footballs tonight for the Browns so he might be in trouble. Is he going to be great QB or is he going to stink? This game is so abnormal and on a short week. I miss Baker already.

D’Ernest Johnson TD +150

This guy is supposed to be the leading back for the Browns so go ahead and read his name again, you might hear it a time or two. They will probably ride the hot hand between him and Demetric Felton in the backfield but if they get close to the goal line. Do they trust Keenum to make a throw or do they trust the larger running back of the two? I hope its D’Ernest Johnson.

Tim Patrick O45.5 REC YARDS

Tim Patrick floats around this number every game, I think the Brows are just banged up everywhere including the defensive side. Every game this season he’s gotten at least 4 targets and racks in about 14 yards a reception. He’s their deep target and one of Teddy’s favorites. I got him O45.5 yards for sure this game.

Austin Hooper O20.5 REC YARDS

The Broncos defensive front is pretty strong, so they’ll have to throw the ball a little bit. Case Keenum might be a monster, probably not but you never know. The Browns are one of the worst teams in the league defending the tight end and I don’t think 21 yards is a stretch when they target Hooper 3 or 4 times a game anyways.

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