TNF Props TB/PHI – 10/14/21

The fade Brewer special on Thursday nights is back on. I cost Russell Wilson 4-6 weeks and I got Geno Smith his job back so sorry about that. This week the Eagles take on the Bucs and I am actually excited cause I can never tell what the Eagles are going to bring to the table.


He ran for two touchdowns last week, the points gotta come from somewhere as I like to say. He seems to be the only one scoring. They have only scored 7 touchdowns in the air and anything on the ground has been a lot of him, his rushing prop is a tad high at 45.5 which I don’t like. Tampa hasn’t seen a rushing quarterback yet so I’m sure they’ll be fine because the defense is so good, but his elusiveness is tough to conquer just like that. I can see him getting in the end zone.


It will be close, but I think he’ll get there. The Philly Air defense is actually pretty good, its their ground defense that’s the issue. I think that Tom will want to take an early lead. They haven’t covered the spread in a primetime game in a long time so I can see the Bucs starting early and then running out of gas towards the end. But the dink and dunk system is different than a regular passing offense which I think changes things and gets not only Tom over 300 but also…


Gets AB over 5.5 receptions. He is the receiver in the trio this week that is getting plus money. They are all set to over 5.5 so take your pick but I like AB. He had 5 in his first game with 7 targets, the next game he got hurt, since he has been back he has received 11 and 8 targets with 7 catches in each. He is a shifty screen receiver that can break away and catch the long passes. When Antonio Brown is your third best receiver, you’re going to have one open, throw it to 81.

Bonus: If the Bucs get stuck in the red zone, the Eagles’ run defense is bottom 5 in the league. Leonard Fournette 2+ TDs is at +550 if you want to dabble and have some fun in that one.

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