Playoff Baseball (& picks)

It didn’t make any sense to anyone. Why in the world was he still in the game? He ended with 123 pitches, but it was clear for all to see.. His invincibility had worn off, he was tired, and the Yankees were ready to strike. So when all of Red Sox nation, and maybe everyone watching game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, saw that Grady Little was headed back to the dugout by himself, there was only one reasonable conclusion to come to:

Here we go again.

The Posada flare, the Matsui liner into the corner, and of course Aaron bleepin Boone. These are just some of the heart-wrenching, soul-snatching, plays that had plagued the Red Sox for 86 years. I was just 6 years old, but it didn’t make it any more bearable. It was the first time I cried because of a game, and there was nothing mom could say to comfort me. (Dad was watching at a bar. I know, shocker) I knew we might not win the series, of course that’s a possibility. But like this?? This is just not right.

The worst part about losing that game was the suddenness of it all. I believe it was the first pitch to start the home half of the 11th. A few seconds later, Boone was rounding the bases and our season was over. Just like that.

Of course we know what’s happened since, but it still felt like we needed some closure. Boone had snuck in late at night, tip toed into that game, stole our series, and scurried out the back, never to be seen or heard from again..

But then the Yankees made him their new manager. Despite Joe Girardi leading them to another ALCS game 7, this time without many household names. The Yankees took it for granted, and thank God they did. Not because he isn’t a good manager, but because we finally got our shot at redemption. I was over the moon. In the years following, we have another World Series, they have a bunch of savages who try to play like the Rays despite spending like a Saudi Prince. We have “Dirty Water”,  they have a very poorly timed playing of “New York, New York”. (Yes Dirty Water and not Sweet Caroline because everyone plays that shit now and Dirty Water has always felt more Boston to me)

I suppose you could say this for any sport, but there’s really nothing QUITE like playoff baseball. And there’s certainly nothing quite like Red Sox Yankees. This is what postseason baseball means to me.

Here we go again.


CHW (+105)


MIL (-145)

SF (+155)


CHW (+325)

MIL (+325)


CHW v LAD 11:1

TB v MIL 14:1

CHW v MIL 17:1

Note: Individual game picks will be tweeted out, all .5u.


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