“Parasite” wasn’t that good and NFL picks from @d_buckets

Want me to yap or want the picks? Good, me too.

CLE -2 (-111)

CAR o52 -105

KC -6

CAR TT o23.5 -110 .5u

SF o52 -110 .5u

DEN pk

LAR o53.5 .5u

LAC -3 (-121)

LAC o52.5 (-108) .5u

TB -6 (-113)

NFL YTD: 25-14 15.93

KC and TB taken early, but they’re just so public now. It can’t be that easy, right? And yeah.. I said what I said, the movie was fine. It was fine. Only went to see it because no one would shut the fuck up about it on Twitter. Kept waiting for the big twist or moment that made all the hype make any sense. Ending wasn’t exactly clever either. See? It wasn’t clickbait. We mean what we say on this here account. Bong Joon Ho? More like Bong Joon No, thats a 7/10 at best. (not apologizing for that joke) My mailbox is open if you want to argue and get down to why exactly you’re wrong.


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