TNF Props JAX/CIN – 9/30/21

This is your weekly fade Brewer’s TNF Props. Last week, the Texans looked worse than I could have even imagined, they handed the ball to Phillip Lindsey 7 times for 5 yards, and they only managed to get 12 first downs the entire game. This week is a new week though and I’ll be at this game to send my positive energy and get some sort of voodoo in my favor.

Burrow O252.5 Pass Yards

Burrow is going to shred this Jacksonville defense. Last week, the Steelers lost their streak of 75 straight games with at least one sack. The Bengals kept Joey B safe and while he didn’t throw much, he might need to use his arm a bit more this game. While Duval is about middle of the pack, almost top half of the league in rush defense, they are bottom 5 in pass defense. I expect Burrow to throw the ball a bit more than these past 3 games and get his first 300 yard game of the season.

James Robinson O76.5 Total Yards

They got my guy back on track last week in Arizona. Urban Meyer seems to have a soft spot for Carlos Hyde despite his lack of real production, but James Robinson is still leading the team in carries, trending up in that category, and catches passes as well. He averages 7.7 yards a reception and is getting consistently targeted through the first two weeks.

Marvin Jones TD +195

I like throwing in these TD props. Marvin Jones leads the team in receptions and somebody’s got to score the TD’s. While he’s only got 2 on the season, Trevor has only thrown 5. I don’t expect a shutout even though this Bengals defense is getting very exciting to watch but if anyone is scoring it’ll probably be a 20–30 yard pass where they forget about Jones Jr or James Robinson sneaking around on a screen (also at +155 if you’d rather have that). He is the most targeted receiver for the Jags inside the opponents 40 and like I said, someone has to score. Right?

Trevor Lawrence Interception Y/N (-188/+140)

Just a cool stat, Trevor Lawrence joins Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman as number one pick QBs to throw 2+ Interceptions in each of his first three games. It has to stop eventually, why not take the plus money tonight. Bengals had 2 INT’s last week, but the Jags also won’t be throwing the ball 58 times. Hilarious that he is more likely to throw a pick than to not. I bet he still fumbles but no interceptions this week because I bet on it.

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