Ryder Cup picks from D Buckets


Before we get to the picks, some of you may not know where my allegiances lie. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the Ryder Cup, I really don’t have any TEAM (ducks). Of my favorite golfers, 4 are playing in the Ryder Cup. 1 for USA (Berger/DBstraightvibin), and 3 for Europe (El Niño, Vik, and Rahmbo). I haven’t handicapped a Ryder Cup before and even if I had, I’d tell you to only risk what you’re prepared to lose (should always be the case). I think Cantlay had the best way to put it. He’s a rookie on this year’s U.S. team and he, like everyone else on the home squad, was asked why he thought Europe kept winning.

Cantlay’s response:

“So, I’ve read a few gin books. Let’s see if I get it right. If you play enough gin hands, a 1- or 2-percent difference in skill translates to almost an assured win over many, many, many hands of gin.

“But you could have a big difference between somebody, maybe a 60- to 40-percent skill level difference, and gin is still chancy enough to where you could play 10 hands and lose six or seven of the hands than someone that’s much worse than you skill-wise.

“Really there’s only two – these matches are only played every two years, and golf is very chancy. So would it surprise you if the U.S. went on a similar run to what Europe has been on for the next 20 years? Wouldn’t surprise me. You go to Vegas and you play roulette and the chances are 50/50, but skewed toward the house a little, it could hit red six times in a row, but that’s not abnormal. You flip a quarter it would be weird if the quarter flipped tails, heads, tails heads, tails, heads. Then you would think something trippy was going on.

“I try to take a very long-term view on things like that. Who knows? The captains are different every year. The players are different every year. The venues are different every year. The weather is different every year.

“You’re really going to ask a question like that and think you’re going to get the right answer? I don’t have the answers to that. This is my first one.”

Just an A+ answer.

With so much anticipation, there’s bound to be a lot of over analyzing and dissecting and breaking down every factor. Someone even used the words, and all caps, “LITERAL INSANITY”. What were they talking about you ask? The fierce competition? Rowdy fans, especially after some brews? The history and pageantry? Surely a combination of them all?? Nope. Apparently, its “LITERAL INSANITY” that Kevin Kisner isn’t on team USA. A man who admitted he doesn’t play well on long tracks (Whistling is a bomber’s paradise). A man who won a fairly recent tournament is great, but it was one of the weakest fields all year. The idea that Kisner would be some sort of magical elixir that would give USA this undeniable chemistry is a bit much. But most importantly, he’s not as good as the guys they picked. When you consider how long the course is, with not much disaster lurking if you miss the fairway, it doesn’t make any sense. A good putter isn’t all that’s required, and if you’re of the belief that he should be in over Berger or Scheffler you are just wrong. Harris English is better than Kisner, and has played better in bigger tournaments. My only problem with English is that he looks like if Andy Dufresne had a creepy brother who you were never too sure about.

With all of that being said, the sample size is too small. Kisner may have gone 4-0. The guys I like ahead of him (everyone), could struggle, and Team USA may lose. Who the fuck knows.. but I’m ready.

Here are my 9 futures for the tournament, but I’ll be betting matchups and live plays too. I’ve got some personal plays as well that you’re more than welcome to have, just reach out.

  • all plays are .5u besides USA -1.5 (-130), which is 1u
  • if you missed it earlier, the first matchup play is Rahm & El Niño (-115) 1u



DAY 3 -0.5 (-150)

FULL TOURNAMENT: -1.5 (-130)

WIN BY 1-3 (+300)







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