NFL Week 2 Picks

First week was average for me at 3-2, but this week we have a little more knowledge about these teams, and wow the Texans stomped the Jaguars and I never saw it coming.

Bengals/Bears, Bengals ML +105 (1PM EST)

The Joe Burrow Bengals take on Andy Dalton in Chicago. The Chicago Bears offense was practically nonexistent against the Rams, but the Rams look like one of the better teams in the NFL this year so it is hard to judge them on that. However, they didn’t complete a pass over 16 yards last week, which is a bad sign no matter who you’re playing. David Montgomery got going but I think the Bengals rush defense showed a lot of strength holding Dalvin Cook to only 61 yards. The Bears pass rush will be something to watch as it comes with the talent.

After Week 1, Joe Mixon leads the NFL in rushing yards which is a great sign for the offensive line and Burrow had no problem getting his top receivers the ball with Chase catching 5 for 101 and a TD, and Higgins catching 4 for 58 and a TD. Basing on Week 1 performance, the Bengals should win this one, but you also never know if Justin Fields is going to come into the game or if being on the road is going to impact this young team more than you’d expect.

With that said I still got the Bengals ML +105.

Saints/Panthers, Saints -3 @ +100, (1PM EST)

Okay this is a joke but it’s also not a joke at all. Jameis Winston can see now! He got the LASIK eye surgery to repair is poor vision and he looked immaculate against the Green Bay Packers. If they have that all season, Drew Brees practically said it, the league is in trouble. The defense held the Packers to 3 points last week and Rodgers, the reigning MVP might I add, to 133 yards before THEY PULLED HIM. SO the defense looks very strong, and the offense has developed a deep threat while still having Alvin Kamara in the backfield to relieve some of that load.

Now look at the other sideline, the Panthers. They appear to be very one sided, on offense, if Christian McCaffrey doesn’t have the ball in his hands, then it’s probably an incomplete pass. There were only 13 completed passes not to CMac. Then again while their defense looked solid, they weren’t playing the Green Bay Packers on the road. They played the Jets on their own turf and won 19-14.

If the saints choke a plus money -3. Then I don’t know what happened in this game, everything points to a New Orleans blow out.

Cardinals/Vikings, Cardinals -3.5 (4:05 PM EST)

The Cardinals defensive line was sensational last week, and Chandler Jones looked to have maybe the greatest game we’ve seen from a defensive end in a long time. Kyler Murray had 289 yards with 4 TDs and the air and scrambled for one. Took what he could get played very methodical and comfortable to say the least. This came in a dominating 38-13 win on the road against the reigning AFC South champs. Everything looks to be firing correctly in Arizona, that should be enough to take the 3.5 at home.

As a Lions fan and a Cincinnati native, watching the Vikings lose last week was my favorite pass time so I’ll speak on why you should bet against them today. They ran the ball 22 times for a grand total of 67 yards. Dalvin Cook was probably your clear-cut fantasy number 2 running back and it wasn’t him who let you down, it was this terrible Vikings offensive line. They couldn’t open anything up and also gave up 3 sacks to an okay not great Bengals pass rush. On top of that, this team has no discipline getting called for 12 penalties and having 5 more declined, which is a major red flag if this continues throughout the season.

A cross time zone matchup, good team vs bad team, give me the good team -3.5.

BONUS: 49ers -3, Lions +11.5

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