Monday Night Football bet – BAL/LV

So I started the season well with the Cowboys, but had a dreadful 0-2 Sunday yesterday. That means I’m due for a great Monday night, right? Either way, I’m already on the Ravens -4, but have decided to make one more play in this game for a few reasons.

BAL/LV Over 50.5

Due to the running back room being full of question marks because of (several) injuries, it seems people have forgotten a couple things. One, Lamar Jackson and the system is what makes this offense go, not the RBs surrounding him. Two, Jackson is still somehow underrated as a passer and is the most equipped he’s been with the addition of Sammy Watkins to join Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews, along with a couple young rookie receivers to take on one of the worst secondary’s from last season that did little to nothing to improve. I see the Ravens marching up and down the field all night and may drop 40 themselves.

On the flip side, the loss of Marcus Peters in the secondary does boast well for Derek Carr and the Raiders pass offense to help put some points on the board for them. With the Ravens strong front and weakness being in the secondary now, I think the Raiders will run the ball slightly less and try to attack and keep up with the Ravens offense with the Chiefs’ formula of Darren Waller over the middle and Henry Ruggs III vertically.

I picture this game as a blowout win for the Ravens with the Raiders scoring some garbage time points which is why I love the over. The only other way I could see it going is the Raiders surprising me and successfully keeping up offensively, but that still boasts well for us in that case.

NFL YTD: 1-2 (-0.20u)

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