CFB Plays for Saturday 9/11/21

South Carolina @ East Carolina, South Carolina -105 (12PM EST)

South Carolina is coming off an easy preseason level game with a 46-0-win vs Eastern Illinois. They also only allowed 109 yards of total offense which is pretty impressive considering the backups were playing most of the second half. East Carolina couldn’t get the run going against Appalachian State last week and South Carolina has a much bigger and badder defensive line to get through.

South Carolina is under new coaching and has an inconsistent offensive line, however. There is a chance that ECU can sneak a win out of this one if their passing game can get going. There is always a chance, but I think South Carolina is back to business “on the road”. The game is won and lost at the line, and I see the Gamecocks dominating both sides of the ball and getting their second consecutive win to start the season.

Buffalo @ Nebraska, Buffalo +13.5 (330PM EST)

The Buffalo Bulls are playing Nebraska this weekend and the spread just seems too large for a team as unstable as these Cornhuskers. The Bulls are coming off a 69-7 win over Wagner. They gained over 300 yards on the ground with 7 Touchdowns. Sorry, I’ll repeat that 312 YARDS AND 7 TOUCHDOWNS. While Fordham is no match, Nebraska gave up 4.6 yards per carry in that matchup. That won’t be a good matchup for them. Now the battle also begins with the clock, when we are talking spread let alone the actual score of the game which could shift in favor of the Bulls.

While Martinez is very good at quarterback for Nebraska, the turnovers seem to be a repetitive problem. Not Martinez necessarily but they turned the ball over once against Illinois while giving up 5 sacks, and then again turned the ball over twice against Fordham. And it appears that Buffalo’s defense is better than the past two that they’ve seen.

Buffalo +13.5 should be your favorite pick of the week.

Missouri @ Kentucky, Kentucky -4.5 (730PM EST)

Kentucky Wildcats football inches closer to being a good SEC Football team every year. I am very confident in this team this year. Penn State transfer Will Levis was slingin’ the ball all over the field last week and looks well adjusted in this offense. A nice change of pace to have a quarterback throw the football for UK. The offensive line is incredibly strong to compliment Levis and Chris Rodriguez, their speedy running back. Their defense lost a lot of superstars to the draft but they add Yusef Corker to the secondary as one of the better safeties in the SEC, and Marquan McCall to the Defensive Line who is a 380 pound monster in the middle.

Missouri is coming from a struggling win against Central Michigan despite a phenomenal showing from their pass rush, creating 9 sacks. However, with that they gave up nearly 500 yards of offense to a team that is not near the caliber of Kentucky. Missouri’s offense is just too shaky for me to have faith in. They went 1-11 on 3rd downs and Central Michigan had 10 penalties throughout this game to constantly keep Mizz in it.

Kentucky is also at home to give them an extra boost. Give it to UK by more than a Touchdown but only here at -4.5.

BONUS: Iowa +170, Tennessee +145, Michigan -6.5, Georgia UAB Over 44.5

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