Brewer’s NFL Futures – 9/8/21

Matt Stafford +2000

Matthew Stafford for MVP. As a Lions fan, I have a tad bit of bias. However, he is no longer suiting up for one of the worst teams in the league anymore. He is suiting up for a fantastic head coach in Sean McVay, a top 3 Power Ranked team, and one with weapons galore. During his time in Detroit, he would be lucky to have any sort of run game to support him or more than one dominant Calvin Johnson or Marvin Jones or Kenny Golladay.

Matthew Stafford is 33 years old, far from washed up and ready to win. Last year the MVP Aaron Rodgers had 4300 yards 48 TDs and 5 INTs, if that is our template for an MVP season, I’m going to tell you how Stafford can do it. Last year Stafford had just over 4000 yards, the Lions stink and he was without his top 2 pass catchers for a majority of the season lowering his touchdown total to only 26. That given he only threw 10 interceptions. 7 of his last 10 years he has thrown for over 4000 yards passing that will not be a problem. The Touchdowns should come with ease this year. Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Tyler Higbee, Sony Michel. They will tally up and the Rams will have more than enough time on offense with an impressive defense. Stafford also will not have to force throws and constantly take a beating as I don’t see this team being behind in many games this season.

At +2000, I can definitely see him being a Top QB in the league on a Top 3 team. He will for sure be in the conversation.At the odds given, it’s a great value bet.

Browns +155

The Browns are no longer the Browns. This is their second year under Stefanski and Baker’s first time coming back to a system so far in his career. The run game should take an immense amount of pressure off him with a strong offensive line and the dynamic duo of Chubb and Hunt running the ball. Not to mention a commonly acclaimed top receiver, Odell Beckham Jr., returns fully healthy and with a chip on his shoulder to prove he’s not just a joke.

On defense, they added some depth in the secondary using their first-round pick on a Cornerback and returning two starters from injury. On the defensive line, while they lost some, they reloaded with Jadeveon Clowney, Malik Jackson, and Tak McKinley. You can’t expect any fall off, only positive.

The rest of the division, the only team that should really be worried about is the Ravens, but they seem to have lost an edge from last year and are suffering from lack of receivers and the loss of JK Dobbins on offense. The Steelers are aging and while they will be pushing for the top I see the Browns beating them twice unless they figure out how to run the ball this year. Which is possible with the addition of Najee Harris. Lastly, the Bengals are improving but will be nowhere close to the top of this division.

Take the Browns in the AFC North +155.

Cowboys +150

This one won’t be long, and I feel is self-explanatory. This is a two teamed division; the Giants and Eagles will be competing for the number one overall pick in the 22 NFL Draft. So, you look at Washington and Dallas. Many people are backing Washington this year because they are a fun team. I could not agree more, I would love to see FitzMagic win the MVP and they win 12 games, 8 by 4th quarter comebacks because their defense makes some crazy stops. Realistically though, this team has too many issues in the secondary, not enough help on the offensive line, and are just simply too young.

The Cowboys are a walking dream team if they can put it together. Dak is back. The offensive line is back with Smith, Collins, and Martin all back from injury. Which also means Zeke will be back and better. CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper are the main receivers this year with Michael Gallup close behind. While yes the defense was also atrocious, they have hired a new coordinator and used their offseason exclusively to muster up improvements using their first 6 draft selections on defense.


Titans -110

Check out @SandmanPicks for his take on Titans -110 and his NFL Future’s as well!

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