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Clemson +525 to win natty

There are 2 ACC teams that might give Clemson a scare this season, UNC and Miami. Clemson doesn’t play either in the regular season, so even with a loss to Georgia in week 1, I’d still like their chances of making the playoff. We’d then have a team at better than 5:1 in a semi-final, which at the least should give us a great hedging opportunity, and could even end up going all the way, which not many teams can do.

2. Oregon 50:1 to win natty

Loaded defense and a good coaching staff, despite how conservative they were with Herbert at QB. This is mostly a play against the powers that be now, and hopefully a fun bet to track throughout the season. So don’t come back with hate mail if they lose to Fresno.. if they lose, or if you still send mail. I actually really like the way their schedule lines up, and Ohio State doesn’t look QUITE as unstoppable as usual. Meaning if Oregon can win or even lose close next week @ OSU, that may be enough to get into a playoff. Game @ Utah near end of season is going to be fantastic.

3. Desmond Ridder 33:1 to win Heisman

4. Malik Willis 40:1 to win Heisman

Both Heisman picks play QB, but both play at schools who aren’t likely to garner the attention they deserve. Which is why I love em! What bet is more fun than the exciting QB who bursts onto the national spotlight, and leads to you telling your college buddies about how you were early on him. Even though they should’ve known who they were already, don’t hold back. Let em know who’s boss. It’s you. You’re the boss. For reading this. Now plug those suckers in and google what channel Liberty football plays on.

5. Texas A&M o9.5 wins (+100)

There are 2 likely routes I see to getting to 10 wins.

  1. Go 10-0 vs all non-Bama/LSU teams
  2. Go 9-1 vs all non-Bama/LSU teams, beat Bama at home or LSU away

The schedule is extremely favorable for an SEC West team, and the games against Auburn and the Mississippi’s should be a talent mismatch. I also think they’re substantially better than LSU, so if it comes down to that last game in Death Valley, I’d still like our chances.

Thanks for reading!


(NFL futures next week!)

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