CFB Play for Friday Night – 9/3/21

Hey everyone, I’m Brewer Vega your average analyst. I’ve been betting for a few years and have come through with the most exciting picks and the ones that will get your money’s worth.

My main sport is NCAAB when the season comes but I also will be sharing my CFB picks and NFL picks as they come through the weeks. I’m excited to be apart of the FullCount family and help you all out every opportunity I can. Sometimes it’ll be a pick, sometimes it will be a parlay, probably whatever seems the most fun and most profitable.

Bet of the Day- North Carolina/Virginia Tech, Take UNC -5.5 (6pm EST)

I know it’s the first week of the season and we shouldn’t get too antsy. I’m more than prepared for every favorite this weekend to win against their cupcakes and we’ll see by Sunday, who’s fake and who’s gunning for the top. 

There are a couple games that stand out to me, the first is North Carolina @ Virginia Tech. It seems as if the only thing the Hokies have going for them is that they’re at home. UNC starts the season ranked #10 in the country behind Heisman Watchlist Junior QB Sam Howell. Although they have lost some weapons they are replaced with a trio of young athletic receivers in Emery Simmons, Antoine Green, and Josh Downs. 

The Virginia Tech pass rush is one of the only things defensively that had any positives last year and the Tar Heels return all five offensive lineman. There’s a lot of untapped potential in VT’s locker room but I don’t think you’ll see much of it in this game. They will be working out their kinks as much as UNC but Tar Heels seemingly still have more experience with the Hokies new QB being a transfer.

Spread is only -5.5, give me UNC by a Touchdown. Lock of the Week.

WILD CARD- South Dakota State/Colorado State, Take CSU -2.5 (9PM EST)

This is one I don’t know enough about to tell you all to lock it in, but Colorado State seems to save me. In all my bad days there is always a bright light coming from Fort Collins, Colorado. They take on the Jackrabbits who have a weaker secondary against CSU’s semi-strong passing game.

Colorado State also gets to the quarterback well on the defensive side. In their 4 games last year during COVID they combined for 16 sacks, which is more than Ole Miss, South Carolina, and a bunch of other schools that played 9 or more games.

Colorado State also has home field advantage, give the Rams a Field Goal at -2.5.

Current Record (0-0)

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