NFL play for opening night DAL/TB – 9/9/21

Although I dabbled in some preseason action (4-1 +2.27u), NFL betting season officially kicks off on Thursday with the defending Super Bowl champs taking on a (recovered?) Dak and the Cowboys.

The biggest question mark in this game is obviously how Dak Prescott bounces back from his injury after no preseason action. Week 1 I feel like we tend to see lines that are a bit biased based on how last season ended, so memories of the dreadful Cowboys last year and Brady led champs can lead people to forget a little bit about the actual game ahead, impacting the line significantly.

Should the Bucs and Brady be favored? Definitely. Do I think it should be closer to field goal than a touchdown? Hell yes. Brady is only getting older and was carried by his defense in the Super Bowl and much of the playoffs. The Cowboys were forced to be one dimensional last season and now come back at full power, so I expect this to be a tight game that could go either way.

With that being the case, I’m absolutely going to take the points given to the Cowboys and be on DAL +7.5 to start this glorious NFL season.

Mr. FC

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