Is it time for KC fans to give up on GMDM or was Matheny the wrong hire?

Full disclosure, I’ve grown up my whole life as a Royals fan. I was born in 1994, and have been to just about every opening day since 1999. The first above .500 season I saw was in 2003 when I was 9 years old and used to leave hand written AL Central standings outside my dad’s room at the beginning of the season when KC was in first place because I’d never cheered for a winner before.

I was always confused why his excitement didn’t seem to match mine since I knew he hadn’t seen the Royals in the playoffs since their 1985 championship, but he knew what was coming. A mediocre 83-79 finish and no playoff berth. As a 27 year old adult, I obviously understand it a lot more now.

Dayton Moore was given a fair amount of leeway, and rightfully so, after taking a franchise that lost 100 games three season in a row following that 2003 campaign to an eventual World Series champion in less than a decade in a small market. However, this 2021 season was supposed to be the step forward towards the next run for GMDM, and it has certainly hasn’t been.

With how this season has played out, I think Royals fans should find themselves at a crossroad. Whether it be GMDM or Mike Matheny, whoever has made the inexcusable decisions of keeping Edward Olivares in Omaha and not playing everyday at the big league level while Dyson and others eat up at bats, as well as Jackson Kowar not getting big league reps whether it be out of the bullpen or starting, should be fired.

If Matheny has full power over his roster and decisions, then he is absolutely blowing it and his moves obviously don’t align with GMDM vision of drafting college starters to make an impact as soon as possible to compete next year. Same with the Olivares situation. If it’s GMDM that is behind the scenes making these calls, then he is 100% contradicting what he is saying and doing otherwise, and it’s time for him to go.

Either way, Royals fans deserve better than what we’ve been given this season. The good news is I do have faith either way in the young arms GMDM has drafted and the young bats we have now in AAA to be impact players next season.

Mr. FC

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