Championship game spread bet/analysis – Gonzaga/Baylor

Baylor +4.5 over Gonzaga

We know these are both incredible teams and the whole tournament has felt like it’s just been a buildup to this game.

Gonzaga is looking to complete a perfect season after the Bruins took them to OT, but their inability to stop UCLA is concerning when they now matchup with the only other team in the country that has the offensive weapons to go toe to toe with them.

UCLA did hit a lot of contested shots, so what’s more concerning to me is Baylor’s depth against Gonzaga. The Zags like to roll with their starting 5 for the majority of the game and that’s about it, but in this marathon tournament Baylor’s depth off the bench and freshness coming off their victory over Houston is being overlooked.

Baylor looked incredible on both sides of the ball as they dominated Houston and completely controlled the game. In my opinion, this line should be much closer to a pick em’ so if I can get 4.5 points with either team, I’ll take it.

It’s going to be tough to live up to the excitement of the UCLA/Gonzaga game, but this championship matchup just might be able to top it. This should be a close game and a championship for the ages, so Baylor +4.5 is the spread play.

Mr. FC

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