Final 4 spread bet and analysis – Houston/Baylor

Baylor -5 over Houston

There has been a lot of talk about Houston’s defense and slow pace of play and how it could be a way to knock Baylor off their game. That’s all fine and dandy, besides the fact the Cougars haven’t come close to facing an offense of this caliber all season, and especially recently.

Houston’s opponents so far in the tournament? Cleveland State, Rutgers, Syracuse, and Oregon State. These teams rank 206, 83, 70, and 207 offensively in the country, and Rutgers is the highest seeded team Houston has had to face (#10 seed).

Houston runs an efficient offense, but their style of play won’t allow them to get enough stops plus scores to keep up with this high powered Baylor offense over the course of the game.

Aside from the numbers, Scott Drew and this Baylor team have had their eyes on the championship all season.

They were finally able to breakthrough and make the Final 4 for the first time since Drew took over in 2001, but it’s no secret this is the best chance Baylor will have to win a title and for Drew to start cementing his legacy.

On the other side, the future looks bright for Kelvin Sampson and what he’s done with the Houston program, but a Final 4 appearance is a huge win for Sampson and the program while it would still be looked at as a failure for this Baylor team.

Baylor has so many more options offensively and has been tested all season by a solid to above average Big 12, while Houston has been mostly coasting, even in the tournament. I like the Bears to cover and win by close to double digits even.

Mr. FC

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