Thanksgiving NFL Spread Bets

HOU -2.5 over DET

The Lions are dead men walking as far as we’re concerned for the rest of the season after their performance against the P.J. Walker led Panthers where they lost 20-0.

On the flip side of things, the Texans are coming off an impressive win against a Patriots team that seemed to have a lot of fight left in them this year. In a game like this, always take the team with the better QB, so Texans it is.

DAL -3 over WAS

We know the Cowboys tend to win on Thanksgiving but not cover, but we see that trend changing this year.

The Cowboys offense is undervalued with Dalton at the helm, as he proved more than capable in their victory over the Vikings.

Washington is coming off of a win, but only due to Joe Burrow’s injury as it appeared the Bengals were in control until that unfortunate event occurred. Cowboys by a touchdown at least.


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