College football needs help, and fast

There is a movement happening in all of sports right now besides college football.

The NBA, NHL, and even old school stuck in their ways MLB and NFL have expanded the number of teams to make the playoff. Not only did this jolt fan interest, but it made every game that much more watchable and exciting due to more playoff implications.

This isn’t a new conversation for college football but one that needs to be had again, especially due to the success (and don’t forget extra money) that the other league’s new playoff formats have had and brought in.

The four team playoff system is broken and has been from the beginning. There are about ten teams/fan bases with a realistic shot at making the playoffs when the season starts.

Outside of that, there are another 10-15 teams with an outside chance, but one or two early losses can completely throw them out of the picture unless it’s a top tier school. Because of this, college football lacks the intensity and overall interest of the other major sports, especially as we get later into this season.

An easy fix to this is expanding the playoffs to a minimum 8 teams, but my recommendation would be 16. This leaves enough room for the top teams of each major conference to get in if they earn it, as well as the smaller schools who consistently get left out due to their schedule despite dominant undefeated or one loss seasons.

With the current circumstances due to the pandemic, the other major sports leagues saw an opportunity and jumped at it. College football is behind the eight ball, and the crazy thing is this is a much newer system to revamp than the other leagues.

The NFL is possibly adding another playoff team so it’s not too late college football. Announce that there will be a 16 team playoff and ratings and overall interest will skyrocket. It will be beneficial for all parties involved, the fans, players, and schools.

Until then, college football will keep falling behind the other major sports.

Mr. FC

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